Land Surveying Engineer

VJ Engineering provides professional land survey engineering in Coralville, IA, and the surrounding communities. As a crucial aspect of the civil engineering process, surveying enables architecture and construction companies to visualize the final result of a project. By working hand-in-hand with commercial and residential clients, contractors and legal counsel, our team ensures that every phase of a project proceeds as intended—without surprises—and that the work is done on time and on budget.

Here are just a few of the comprehensive surveying services we provide throughout Iowa:

  • Topographic: Our team conducts topographic surveys to gather essential data on the natural and human attributes of a plot of land. Additionally, we plot elevations to ensure construction is safe and secure.
  • Property Boundary: As part of our boundary surveying process, we review land deeds and assess propertylines. This phase is also crucial for determining the extent of any encroachments or easements on the land.
  • Construction Staking: Also called a site layout survey, staking involves the interpretation of construction plans in order to mark the spot where new roads and structures will go. You can trust our team to handle all your surveying and residential constructions in Coralville, IA.
  • ALTA Survey: Used to reveal the boundaries of a property, this survey also conveys site improvements, including buildings,fences, roads, utility lines and easements.
  • Flood Elevation Certificates: This essential report showcases property features like flood zones and building elevation levels in advance of the construction process.
  • Retracement Survey: Retracement surveys are used to reestablish boundary lines of previously surveyed land parcels.

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