Structural Engineering in Coralville, IA

VJ Engineering specializes in structural engineering in Coralville, Iowa City, and Johnson County, IA, and the surrounding communities. We attribute our success in large part to our collaborative design environment. Utilizing high-quality designs and creative problem solving, we go out of our way to exceed clients’ expectations with both our technical expertise and project engineering prowess.

Project Engineering

Our engineers provide top-notch design solutions for a wide range of structural projects across multiple industries. From the initial design phase through the planning and construction, we do everything in our power to ensure the final outcome of a project meets your needs and wants.

We have a particular reputation for creating award-winning bridges from concept to completion. Our goal is to design and rehabilitate safe, functional and sustainable bridges that meet clients’ infrastructure needs.

You can trust our structural engineering team in Coralville, IA, to examine safety and functionality risks, generate a fleshed-out design and consult with architects and contractors to ensure your project reaches successful completion.

Structural Surveying

Private and public sector clients also count on us to handle their structural surveying in Coralville, IA. Working side by side with clients, owners, contractors and counsel, we provide building design analyses for a variety of structures, including houses, schools, retaining walls, parking ramps and industrial facilities. From providing initial drawings to handling on-site inspections, we do what’s needed to keep projects safe and successful.

As part of our engineering services, we assess structural damage due to wind, water, fire and other forces. Along with customizing our approach based on clients’ needs and budgetary restrictions, we provide multi-phase chronological reports, life-safety assessments, remedy drawings and more.

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Our extensive technical expertise, coupled with our skilled project management, results in successful projects and exceptional service for structural, civil, and surveying engineering. Ready to schedule a structural surveying consultation with our team in Coralville, IA? Call VJ Engineering today at 319-338-4939 or contact us online.