Land Development Services

VJ Engineering provides complete land development in Coralville, IA. We recognize that environmental regulations have an impact on almost every construction project. With that in mind, we work side by side with federal, state and local agencies to protect environmental concerns while ensuring projects remain on budget and on schedule.

Why Land Development?

Land Development Consultants perform a key function in preventing chemical and biological toxins from getting into the water and soil surrounding a construction project. Along with determining potential sources of contamination, our engineers work with business owners to identify ways of reducing pollution and disposing of contaminants in a safe manner.

By assessing and surveying risks, we’re able to formulate plans for minimizing environmental impact while ensuring projects are completed in accordance with existing regulations. You can feel confident choosing us for all your environmental and structural engineering needs in Coralville, IA.

Here are some of the many land development services we provide to private and public-sector businesses:

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Contaminated Sites and Leaking Underground Storage Tank Site Risk Assessment, Remediation and Contaminated Soil Management
  • Regulatory Agency Negotiation and Liaison
  • Environmental Permitting, including Wetland Delineation Studies, Wetland Mitigation Planning and Construction andThreatened andEndangered Species assessments
  • Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measures Plans
  • Onsite Waste Water Treatment System Evaluation and Design

If you have a building project in the works, it’s important to take steps to ensure work is completed safely. By working with a land development consultant from the start, you can save both money and time down the line, while doing your part to protect the world for future generations.

Assess Environmental Risks

VJ Engineering provides complete engineering services in the structural, civil and surveying fields. To learn more about what we door to request our land development services in Coralville, IA, call today at 319-338-4939 or contact us online.